Six decluttering tips when moving house

Decluttering your house is a task that you should perform on a regular basis. The ideal situation would be not to have to undertake a major declutter when moving house. However, the reality for most of us is that this is likely to be the event that finally forces us to take stock and tackle the job we have been putting off for many years.

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Why declutter?

Decluttering brings benefits beyond the obvious one of having fewer items to pack on removals day. Research proves that a good decluttering is beneficial to health and well-being, as discussed in The Guardian.

Here are six hints and tips for a successful declutter session prior to moving house.

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Six tips for decluttering ahead of your big move

1) Remember the golden rule of throwing out clothes that you have not worn for more than a year. Flexibility is essential with this guideline, particularly if you have evening clothes that do not get much use except on special occasions. If clothes do not fit or are beyond repair, add them to the pile. Charity shops and fabric recycling are good options to avoid adding to the landfill.
2) Measure your new living space. This will help you to make decisions on furniture that you may need to donate or replace. Don’t move furniture that will not fit into your new home.
3) Concentrate on the essential items. Take the time to throw out broken toys and kitchen appliances that do not work and those that you never use.
4) Go through the rooms in your new home and make lists of furnishings and items that you need for each room. This will enable you to keep a list of items that you do not need in your new home.
5) Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. The earlier you start on your decluttering, the better.
6) Finally, do not buy any new items for your house until you have been through the process of decluttering. Ideally, new purchases should not be made until you have moved house and unpacked most of your furnishings and belongings.

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