Protecting Your Fleet From Fuel Card Fraud

Keeping your fleet on the road, in good condition and insured is essential. As a fleet manager, there are many ways you can help prevent theft of fuel cards. One way is through implementing a tracking system that not only alerts you when your fuel cards are used but also how much has been spent and when it was spent. Another is through having a system that alerts you if there is a problem such as a fuel card being stolen or a driver not meeting their fuel requirements. This can all be monitored through an easy-to-read fuel card display screen that not only keeps you informed about fuel usage but also tracks the fuel cards for easy reporting to you and your management team.

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Ensuring that you have an up-to-date tracking system for your fleet will help you know which vehicles are refuelling and the location. This can help identify if a fuel card is being used off route and thus, could be a fraudulent transaction. For Fuel Cards, visit Fuel Card Services

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Another way you can protect your fleet from fraud is through training all your drivers on how to use fuel cards correctly. This also ensures that your drivers are using these cards properly, reducing the chances of them overspending or misusing them. Drivers that know how to use fuel cards will not only be more accountable when it comes to using the cards, but more confident when approaching a fuel station to pay for their fuel. It also means that you can protect yourself from fraudulent claims, as well as saving time and money.

Author: Richard Brown

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