Startup Alert – 7 ways to get your startup noticed earlier in the market

startup alert

To get the business rolling you need an outstanding idea, but what if no one except you in this world knows about what is your business all about? To ensure your newly started business works flawlessly you need to mark an impression in the market that your business idea is a sound one and has the potential to stand in the market amongst the other competition.

So how can you reach a point when everyone around talks about you or at least have an idea of how exactly your service can be profitable for them. Let me tell you the secret!

Well, the secret lies in how conveniently you put your idea in front of the audience that helps them understand and accept your brand easily.

So how can this be done? Below is an action plan that can help you get the right attention within very less time to bloom your business in the market.

●    Engaging in social media campaigns

Launching of the business through social media is the new trend that most of the business, from small to enterprise business owners are adopting. A strategically implemented pre-launched campaign can bring in a great number of audience to the brand even before the product is not in the market.

By pre-launch campaign, I mean something creative that indirectly connects to your brand and gives some highlights about what they can expect from your business in the coming days. The brand colour, the taglines and the representation that collectively makes your brand’s identity will help you mark an impression about your business in the market.

●   Giveaways

This is the best way to get your user’s attention. As everyone in the world gets attracted to the things that they get for FREE, the word itself is enough to get your audience interested in your service.

As most of the business is active on social media, running a contest over it or just giving a first free service can make them curious to engage with your brand and might help your business to grab some more users than usual. The giveaway technique increases the chances of getting more return users as people would like to come back and see whether you are giving something more next time.

●   Press release and Guest blogging

As 85% of people around the world are online and surfing one or the other thing, marking a presence on the google webpages can help your business come into a highlight.

Release a piece of news about your business with some information about it, just like a trailer launch before a film release. Make sure you publish these contents on some really authoritative websites and publications that have thousands and millions of visitors per month to increase the chances of getting more number of people across these articles.

This way your business will get to cross many people’s eyes as they look for a service or a product similar to you online and will spread the word across the millions of them.

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●   Video Ads

Ads are the oldest technique to improve the visibility of the brand and help people understand the product better by looking at the visuals. This picturised version of your brand will help your people remember about your product, whether by the jingle or by the brand tagline used in the video.

There are many options to push video to represent your business, like TV commercials, facebook video ads or you can go with google sponsored ads, where your business advertisement will be shown to the users as they search for something similar to your business or niche and will help you reach a wider audience around the world.

These ads could surely help your business due to its tendency triggering every no and then to make sure your prospect customer notices it.

●   Be active on the niche community websites and forums

The other way to bring your business into the limelight is presenting it on different platforms of your niche. Like listing your agency into some top agency listing websites that people refer to before choosing one or you can also create a brand account and participate in some forums where most of the experts in the industry share their advice based on experience in the field.

The discussion platforms help you stand in the virtual market to create a company view and opinion on certain aspects of the business. Push as much as information about your startups (in any way). Submit your business information on the relevant resourceful websites to improve the reach of your business.

●   Participate in different events

Networking is the most important aspect when it comes to business and its growth. In order to make a good entry in the industry, building a base by participating and attending some industry-related events can prove out to be fruitful in the long run.

Moreover, it will also help the business owner make some new friends in the industry who are influentials and has some great contacts to spread the news of something new coming in the market. This will thus help your business create a buzz before actually entering the market.

●   Spread the word through

The last and the oldest form of getting your business noticed before it’s actually launched is by sending some invite emails or newsletters or getting back to basics by spreading the flyers of the business around the city.

This will help you get the local attention, by at least grabbing the interest of the people surrounding your location and make them aware that something new and unique is about to launch in their area to avail of its services. Thus will help you create a regional presence in the local market.

Summing up

Marking the footprints before even entering the race is another level of a business plan an owner can make. Getting noticed before even the final product is launched and in the competitive market, which already has some established superpowers ruling the niche is tough and an overwhelming feeling.

The above-mentioned strategies can one or the other way help you go through the way to a great start to your business and bring in a great amount of success at its very launch.

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Author: James Vargas

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, and manager at getting Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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