The Truth Behind Five Team-Building Event Myths

The Truth Behind Five Team-Building Event Myths

It is a proven fact that an engaged workforce is a more productive one, and research suggests that engaged employees can boost profits by 2.5 times compared to non-engaged workers.

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Yet there are still some business owners that fail to see the benefits of team-building exercises, whether that be boardroom activities or tank driving in the wild. This can be as mistake, as the following set of busted myths show.

It’s Expensive

Business owners can be put off by the cost of team-building events, but they don’t have to break the bank. What’s more, the return on an initial investment can be huge.

This is because a professional team-building experience such as those offered by can be a major tool in boosting productivity and helping businesses to achieve their goals.

No Way of Measuring Success

Some managers believe that team-building is not worth the effort because the results cannot be measured. This may be true in the simplest sense of measurement, but the benefits are often very clear in the long term. It may not be easy to quantify the effects of a team-building exercise, but it is possible to measure the increase in profits and productivity.

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No Results from a Day

It can be hard to believe that a single day of orienteering or tank driving can have a profound effect on business, but it really can. Of course, varying levels of immersion will provide different results, but just one day can make a big difference.

Too Cheesy

Team-building is often the butt of jokes, but the potential for business improvements is no laughing matter. It can be hugely beneficial for team members to leave their comfort zones and embark on activities that may make them nervous at first. This can be vital in teaching co-workers what can be achieved through team work and co-operation. More on the benefits of team work can be found at

No Real Purpose

Some people see team-building activities as a waste of time or a jolly rather than a meaningful experience that can have a very real impact on business performance.

Team-building events allow employees to practise working as a cohesive unit, and this can be invaluable in the workplace. Just one well-planned and well-executed event can reap huge rewards for companies.


Author: Richard Brown

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