How Instagram Can Really Help Real Estate Agents In The Business

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social networking sites. Gone are the days when only certain people had access to social media. Today, people belonging to almost every age group and economic background are active on Instagram. Therefore, carrying out promotions on Instagram can take businesses a long way. As far as real estate agents are taken into consideration, they can use Instagram to showcase their properties, generate leads, and convert potential clients to real-time customers. If you also want to figure out the various ways Instagram can help your real estate business, continue reading! 

Ways in which Instagram can assist real estate agents in their business: 

  1. Insta allows clients to get directly in touch with you

Businesses can add all pertinent information like contact numbers, email IDs, and addresses to their page. Not to forget, customers can also directly message the enterprise in case of a query. Therefore, if somebody is interested in your content, they can contact you upfront. Optimizing your account will assist your potential customers in getting in touch with you with utmost ease. You can take the following steps to enhance your Insta handle:

  • Add address in bio: Instagram allows its users to add the clickable address in the bio. On clicking the address, it redirects the users to Google Maps. Therefore, if you have physical office clients that can visit, you can add their clickable addresses in your bio. If a client wants to meet you in person, it will simplify their job.
  • Add a link to your website: Another element that you can add to your bio is the link to your website. If you have a comprehensive real estate website, adding a link to it will help your potential clients gauge your work.
  1. Instagram allows real estate agents to showcase their properties

The advantage of using Instagram for real estate agents is that it gives them a platform to showcase their properties. You can post all sorts of property-related content on Instagram, ranging from regular pictures to short and lengthy videos. Here are the following ways in which you can display your properties effectively on the site:

  • Create video content in the form of reels and IGTV: Videos facilitate a 3D view of the properties. Therefore, they are a great way of showcasing the property. Not only is video content the most effective tool to show the properties, but it also performs wonderfully in the SEO department. Reels gain the most amount of traction on Instagram. You can use a real estate video editor to make and post exciting reels and IGTVs. Using a video editor helps you create intriguing video content in minutes.
  • Keep posting consistently: Making consistent posts is an absolute must on Instagram. When you post regularly, you gain more traction. In addition, your followers look forward to your content. Therefore, consistency is the key.
  • Use relevant hashtags: You should always use logical and trending hashtags, whether you create photo content or video content. Real estate hashtags will get you the desired attention from your target audience. However, overdoing them might generate negative results. Therefore, stick to twenty hashtags per post. 
  1. You can carry out advertising campaigns on Instagram

It is impossible to give your business a boost without indulging in some real estate online marketing. Instagram is one of the best platforms to carry out digital marketing. Since Instagram allows you to promote posts and post advertisements, you can give your business a boost without causing a hole in your pocket. In addition, its budget-friendly ads can assist you in gaining the desired visibility. If you have made up your mind to conduct paid promotions on Instagram, these tips will be highly assistive to you:

  • Create video ads: Go ahead with video advertisements rather than creating regular pictorial ads. Video content is more engaging, time-saving, and has the highest conversion rates. One can create competent video ads with the assistance of a real estate video creator. 
  • Use high-resolution images as a part of the campaign: Instagram only allows a certain quality of images for promotions. Therefore, make sure that you post only high-quality images on your ‘Gram. Even when you create pictorial ads, focus on the picture quality. Pixelated images are synonymous with unprofessionalism. Therefore, avoid using blurry images as a part of any Insta campaign.
  • Create exciting advertisement content: Avoid making a mundane ad by adding elements like GIFs, stickers, smooth transitions, fluid animations, etc. 
  1. Instagram helps realtors track their progress

Contrary to the other social networking platforms, Instagram helps its users track their progress. Instagram’s ‘Insights’ feature helps measure your growth. You can see which of your posts has performed the best. Instagram lets you know how many people saw your posts, liked them, and even saved them. However, this feature is not available to the personal account holders. One needs to upgrade to a business account to avail of this feature, and upgrades happen for free. Therefore, it is advisable to create a separate business account for your real estate venture. Here’s how you can make the most out of this feature:

  • Track the progress of each post: Insights require you to keep a tab on each post’s performance manually. Therefore, one must not be reluctant to trace the performance.
  • Incorporate the best, leave the rest: When you keep a check on each post, you will realize that some posts work better than others. Therefore, include more such content in your feed. Avoid posting content that your audiences do not prefer. 
  1. Clickable links on stories

Stories are a pretty popular element on Instagram. Sometimes, stories work even better than posts. They are short, crisp, and precise. If you add clickable links to your website and YouTube channels, among other things, you promote your online presence. In this way, you can use Instagram to gain more engagement on even your other platforms. Therefore, Instagram can fetch your real estate business prominence at all levels.    


Instagram is a great platform to generate leads and grow an audience for the real estate business. When coupled with the correct techniques, developing the brand becomes much easy. Therefore, switch to a business account, post relevant content, make more videos, indulge in paid marketing, and keep a tab on your performance to maximize your gains.

Author: Richard Brown

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