11 mistakes you should not make with your wedding makeup: take note!

wedding makeup

Of course, we know that wedding makeup is not simple, it requires that we know our face and knows what styles we have better than others. Our recommendation for brides on their wedding day is to hire an expert professional to leave them as they always dreamed of looking. But in a different case, if you have been invited to a wedding, you made the decision to attend having made up your own, today we tell you the 11 most common mistakes that most women make when it comes to wedding makeup and we also give you the solution to them. Sure, we ask professionals in the field, do not miss them.

Here we present 11 mistakes in your wedding makeup

1. Do not prepare the skin

wedding makeup

It is absolutely necessary that the skin receives certain care at the time of makeup; For this, you need a previous exfoliation and hydration. This will help your skin look radiant with the selected wedding makeup.

2. Do not adapt makeup to the type of event and time

If you go to a wedding in the morning the soft and natural makeup is the best trend. You must bear in mind that in the light of midday the shadows harden and if your eyes are loaded with the color you can stop looking natural. For your cheeks, you must take into account an extra touch of blush and powder because at this time the light makes the face look paler and flatter. If you want a riskier and daring look, our recommendation is that it is only at night weddings.

3. Do not take light into account

Everything depends on the place where you do the wedding. It is not the same as maquilas for an outdoor marriage or on the beach, that for one at night and in a closed place. According to this, the makeup changes its hue.

4. Do not always have to define the eyebrows

wedding makeup

It is not always necessary, although this helps you to intensify the look. This should be done when your eyebrows are thin using a pencil or shadow one or two shades lighter than the natural color of your eyebrows. Do not use the color black. The idea is that you draw small hairs in the area in the direction in which the hairs of that area are.

5. No to delineating your eyes with a black pencil inside

What you achieve with this is that your eyes look much smaller. The best thing to give intensity to your look is that you use a delineation above the mobile eyelid, from the middle of the eye, outwards. However, our eyes is a common mistake, for this, the solution is that if you do not do it well do not do it so marked and seal well with the same shade of pencil.

6. Forgetting that less is more

Currently, the trend dictates that we must use light, luminous makeup bases that leave the skin free of imperfections. But not only this but also cover you only where they have to cover, which will give us a natural skin. The idea for this day is that you get a wedding makeup that resists everything. We know that your event will be accompanied by a world of emotions, therefore the wedding makeup must be able to follow your rhythm.

For this, you can go to wedding makeup with long-lasting formulas, pre based for shadows or makeup applied with an airbrush, which can last up to 18 hours. For the eyes, a waterproof eyelash is recommended if you tend to shed a few extra tears.

7. Look like a panda

wedding makeup

They are adorable, we all know it, but not so that we choose to look like one of them. For this, avoid sealing the makeup with loose white powders or use illuminators under the eyes, as this will trigger the white spots that appear when the flashlight bounces when you take a picture. For this, you must be subtly applying these products and decide the right tone. Learn on specialists!

8. A base shade darker than your skin

In our western culture, it is fashionable that the skin tone has a tanned effect. For this, we recommend that when buying a base, the first thing you should do is try it on your face, this can be done at the height of the jaw or on your cheeks. Our expert wedding makeup artist, tells us that “the bad selection of the tone of the base and the corrector is a common mistake of women”, the idea is that according to the brand you use, you choose the one that makes you look natural.

If you want to find out if it is your skin tone, it should melt without any sign that you applied it. You can also enhance the tone of your skin by applying bronzing powders. It looks fantastic!

9. Not knowing how to apply the illuminator and the concealer: They are different!

wedding makeup

The illuminator and the white corrector are different, each one is applied in different areas and they fulfill different purposes. While the concealer fulfills the function of neutralizing the different shades of the dark circles and that its tone changes according to the needs of the skin, on the other hand, the illuminator contributes light, but to areas such as the cheekbones, the upper line of the lips or the area of ​​the nose, with this there is no need to neutralize any skin tone.

10. No to the combination of shades with the color of your dress!

It is a very common mistake, which should disappear. With this you can not enhance the look, look better, is not part of a trend, definitely … No! What you should do is mix some tone with others similar to those of your look, with others softer and that favor you. This trend that used to be used now is out! Therefore, the best thing you can do is “use neutral tones, such as earth tones”.

11. Give shadows little intensity

wedding makeup

It is not about adding dark colors to your eyes, but that the shadows that are sometimes selected are not very pigmented, so they do not add color to makeup. We must find a point of equilibrium.

The sum of the days

We hope these tips are useful when thinking about your wedding makeup for the big day, be a girlfriend or be a guest. We also invite you to know the trends that will be imposed for this 2018 in wedding dresses. Select some of these designs and impact on your big day. And what better way to complement the design than with the best wedding shoes 2018. Directly from the catwalk at your fingertips!

Hope you enjoy to make perfect bride with these tips for your wedding makeup. If you like this article please share with your friends and families to learn more about wedding makeup.

Enjoy your wedding with perfect looks!!

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