26 Cheap Wedding Ideas for Summer

Cheap Wedding Ideas for Summer

Are you planning a summer wedding but don’t want to spend a fortune? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to have a beautiful and memorable wedding without breaking the bank. With some creativity and intelligent choices, you can create the warm-weather wedding of your dreams while still staying within budget. To help you get started, here are 26 cheap wedding ideas for summer to help you save money on your summer wedding preparations and details. From choosing the right venue to selecting affordable decor and entertainment options, these tips will help you plan a stunning and cost-effective wedding that you and your guests will love.


Wedding Ideas for Summer : Venue

Your ceremony and reception venue are among the biggest expenses for any wedding. Consider one of these cheap wedding ideas for summer to save money:

1. Public Park

Many public parks allow you to reserve space for events like weddings for free or at a nominal cost. Opt for a small ceremony in a garden or under a gazebo, then move to a separate reception location. Make sure you get any necessary permits.

2. Rented Backyard

Rent a large backyard through a site like Airbnb as your ceremony and reception venue. Some homeowners already have event amenities like string lights. Add your décor to personalize.

3. Local Community Center

Check with community centers, VFW halls, libraries, and lodges about renting their event space. These are often highly budget-friendly options.

4. Rooftop Restaurant

For a small guest list, book the rooftop patio at a restaurant for both your ceremony and reception. Many will allow you to buy out the space.

5. Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens usually offer affordable wedding packages and stunning photo backdrops. Frankfurt’s Palm Garden, for example, allows wedding ceremonies for under $500.

6. Local University

If you or your partner attended a local college, check if they allow alums to rent campus event space for weddings. These classic spaces full of nostalgia often come cheap.

7. Farm Venue

Farm wedding venues are very on-trend right now. Search sites like BarnWed for picturesque barns, farms, and rural venues that won’t blow your budget.


Wedding Ideas for Summer :Catering

After the venue, catering is typically one of the most significant wedding expenses. Use these tips to save:

8. Food Trucks

Swap a traditional caterer for awesome local food trucks. Give guests a fun variety of casual cuisine at a fraction of the price.

9. Potluck Reception

Ask each guest to bring a dish like a backyard potluck for a more intimate wedding. Assign categories so you don’t end up with 15 pasta salads.

10. Brunch Menu

A breakfast or brunch menu is much cheaper than dinner. Try passed apps, a build-your-own omelet station, and a crepe bar.

11. Cake and Punch Only

Just serve wedding cake and punch or lemonade. Pick up a sheet cake at a grocery store bakery instead of a tiered wedding cake to save money.

12. Dessert buffet

Rather than a multi-course meal, set up a sweets-focused dessert buffet. Cupcakes, pies, cookies, doughnuts, chocolate fountains, and candy fill guests up on sugar.

13. Appetizers Only

Pass heavy appetizers like baked brie, shrimp cocktail, fried ravioli, or mini-loaded baked potatoes for a satisfying “dinner.” It’s much cheaper than plated meals.


You don’t need loads of Instagrammable florals and decor to make your wedding look beautiful. Scale back here with easy money-saving ideas:

14. Minimal Florals

Keep florals minimal: a bridal bouquet, boutonnières, corsages, then simple centerpieces like bud vases. Skip elaborate backdrops and flowers everywhere.

15. Alternative Centerpieces

Instead of floral centerpieces, use lanterns, candles, fruit, burlap, driftwood, or any motif matching your theme. Dollar store vases + baby’s breath = chic.

16. DIY Decor

Make your decorations and signs with materials from craft stores or Etsy. String up twinkle lights, paper garlands, tissue pom poms, fabric pennants, or origami cranes.

17. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor string lighting instantly makes any venue look magical. Rent or borrow lights and wrap trees and fences versus complex indoor decor.

18. Minimal Extra Décor

Don’t go overboard on extra décor like chair covers, table overlays, and tons of signage. Focus on simple, tasteful touches in your color scheme.


Looking fabulous doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Use these suggestions to save on wedding style:

19. Off the Rack Dress

Buy a wedding dress off the rack rather than ordering a super expensive custom gown. Hit up sample sales for the best bargain options.

20. Shorter Dress

A short or tea-length wedding dress costs less than a formal cathedral-length gown. You’ll also save on cleaning/preservation.

21. Casual Dress

A more casual boho wedding dress costs less than a formal gown. Try floral prints, halter necklines, slips, and simple silhouettes.

22. Borrowed or Rented

Consider borrowing a gown or tux from a friend or family member. Or use rental services to split costs on more admirable attire.

23. Separates

Buy a standard white formal gown skirt, then pair it with a simple bridal top in your style. Mix and match for savings.

24. Grooms + Attendants

Grooms and attendants can save by renting suits and tuxes. Or wear a nice dark suit they already own.

Music + Entertainment

Wedding Ideas for Summer :Music + Entertainment

25. Bluetooth Speaker Playlist

Make your wedding playlists and hook up a Bluetooth speaker. Ask a tech-savvy friend to handle any sound issues.

26. Student DJ

Hire a college student studying music production or radio to DJ your event at a considerable discount. Bonus: theySet featured image may bring fresh song ideas.


What are the best months for a summer wedding on a budget?

The most budget-friendly summer wedding months are typically May, June, July, and early August. Mid to late August and September are considered peak wedding season and may be pricier.

What are the least expensive days of the week to get married in summer?

Fridays and Sundays are less expensive wedding days than Saturdays in peak summer. Ask vendors for pricing on various days.

How do I save money on a small guest list for a summer wedding?

With a smaller guest list, you likely won’t need as large of a wedding venue space. Opt for heavy hors d’oeuvres rather than a plated dinner. You may be able to trim rent costs like tables, chairs, and linens.

What are creative ways to cut the cost of summer wedding flowers?

Use seasonal flowers like sunflowers and daisies, which are abundant in summer. Make your centerpieces and bouquets from a flower market. Use potted plants that double as decor instead of cut flowers. Incorporate greenery and filler flowers around pricier blooms.

Is an outdoor summer wedding cheaper than an indoor one?

Outdoor summer weddings typically cost less since you aren’t paying for an indoor venue and can often bring your décor. But factor in any equipment rentals you may need for tents, flooring, lighting, etc., depending on the location.


Planning an affordable dream wedding in the summer is possible. With savvy choices about your venue, menu, attire, and other details, you can have that gorgeous Pinterest-worthy wedding on a realistic budget. It’s all about getting creative, finding deals, and focusing on what matters most—celebrating your love. Don’t let wedding costs keep you from that particular day. Embark on the journey to your dream wedding with a Destination Wedding Planner, turning your special day into ‘A Joyous Celebration.’ Use these cheap wedding ideas for summer to start planning your beautiful, budget-friendly summer vows now!

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