Checking that Your home is Wired Correctly

Electrics are essential in the modern home and provide us with lighting as well as the ability to do all manner of household jobs as well as providing us with means for entertainment. Therefore, your electrics in your home need to be working correctly and also safely.

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Modern homes must conform with strict building regulations, but if you live in an older property that had electrical wiring done before these regulations were introduced, then you could have issues with the wiring if it was done by someone who did not do it correctly, or if the wiring is very old and has been damaged in some way.

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If you have recently bought an older property and you are concerned that the wiring might not be working properly, there are signs to look for. An older style fuse box could indicate that no electrical work has been done in the house for a long time, as well as different styles of switches and sockets.

If you are living in the house and experiencing electrical issues such as flickering lights, sockets not working or a burning smell then this is definitely another sign that the wiring is possibly dangerous. It is always best to get a professional like this electrician Cheltenham based company to come and check this out if you are concerned, as leaving it can put you, your home and your family at risk of electric shock or a house fire.

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