E-commerce app: How to create an app to sell online?

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In recent years, the market for e-commerce companies has been experiencing particularly significant growth. The web page is no longer sufficient, online activities invest in the last frontier of e-commerce and bet on the creation of apps to sell online.

In the field of online commerce, companies’ growing investments in the design and planning of e-commerce apps are justified by the trends recorded by the mobile insight platform Flurry Analytics: 79% of smartphone users have one or more online sales apps on their own device and 42% of customers prefer to buy from applications and not from simple web pages.

It also emerges from the statistics collected that e-commerce apps are preferred above all for the time savings they guarantee and for the further intuitive features they make available. Therefore, as an online retailer, it is now essential to develop a mobile app to sell its products and achieve particularly relevant results.

How to create an app to sell online

Apps are the best communication channel between company and customer: to create an app to sell online it is not necessary to be a software expert or to know programming languages, there are, in fact, online platforms that allow you to create customized and efficient applications.

The 7 best platforms to create your app and start selling online …

1. Level app

Level app is a subscription service that allows you to create mobile applications in total autonomy and without the need to contact a developer. The platform guarantees notifications and updates in real time, simple and intuitive modes and functions and constant support. There are three types of subscriptions that allow access to numerous services based on the planned investment.

2. MobiCart

MobiCart is a platform that generates applications for iOS, Android and desktops and supports various functions: it is possible to manage the contents and the visual aspect of the application from a single page, there are multilingual versions and it is possible to manage the control of all processes concerning orders from a single facade. You can also create a build version of the app to be able to test it and, once completed, send it to the iTunes and Google Play app store. Also in this case there are three subscription plans with different functionalities.

3. Flypbox

The Flypbox platform is characterized by simplicity and intuitiveness. It is a software that offers innumerable services: the creation of an app downloadable from the Apple and Android stores, the possibility of sharing the app on the reference Social Networks, and the collaboration with qualified couriers to deliver orders and a certified payment with any card of credit. There is only one tariff plan that also includes the creation of an optimized website.

4. SwebApps

SwebApps is a service that offers the possibility of creating an application in total autonomy and in a very intuitive way. The platform offers various functions and allows the partner to greatly customize the application, making it similar to the idea of entrepreneurial departure. Also in this case there is a tariff plan calculated together with the SwebApps team based on the planned functionalities.

5. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a service to create apps for all mobile devices on the market. The platform offers many advantages: a simple process of creating applications that does not require software knowledge, the very useful possibility for companies to create their own application directly from the website, presence of notifications, does not place limits on the number of achievable apps and countless customization and sharing options on social networks. There are four tariff plans: starting from the free plan to arrive at the “platinum” one, which includes highly customized features.

6. GoodBarber

GoodBarber is a platform that allows you to create applications for all devices in seven simple steps without having any programming knowledge. The level of content customization is very high: there are over 350 different features and more than 50 templates. GoodBarber provides the partner with an assistance team ready to follow any design development. The platform offers four types of subscriptions with different costs and different characteristics.

7. Elitemcommerce

The Elitemcommerce software allows you to create your own custom application within a week. It presents interesting features: synchronization of the app with the company website, plug-in to send notifications, PayPal payment enabled, totally customizable graphics and reward points for actions carried out by customers. Elitemcommerce is also synchronized with Google Analytics and provides continuous support from the team for integrating the app into app stores. As with the previous solutions, also in this case two types of subscription are provided based on the functions desired by the company.

Why is it important to create an app to sell online?

Creating an app to sell online is an indispensable activity for retailers who want to implement their business online. Creating an e-commerce app involves, in fact, some significant advantages:

1. Create Brand loyalty

A brand with its own app has the possibility to intensify the direct relationship with its customers and to improve its position on the market: in fact, through the application it is possible to provide users with highly personalized discounts and offers. The app can offer greater involvement to customers and lead them to strengthen their brand loyalty.

2. Promotes high quality content

Customers do not like to be interrupted during the purchasing process: slow and non-optimized websites can lead the user to leave the page; the features of an application allow instead to show contents in a quick, intuitive and attractive way. It is essential to consider that many e-commerce apps do not need any Internet connection to work, this is also a considerable advantage offered by apps that offer a user-friendly and undemanding shopping experience.

3. Create a very attractive digital display case

The showcase and the visual display are fundamental tools for the sale of any product. The online selling apps have the right features to allow any retailer to create their own personalized online storefront. The app does not create a simple display board for products: the showcase conceived is multimedia and interactive with the possibility of viewing images, videos and personalized content based on previous searches and purchases.

4. Create coupons for free to increase sales

Starting coupon distribution on the web does not always turn out to be a successful strategy: sharing discounts, in fact, always involves a commission on sales for the retailer. By generating discount coupons through the e-commerce app, there are no additional costs, you can customize the discounts without limits and you can follow the customer during the entire purchase process.

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