Working together to minimise waste, promote recycling and employ a zero-landfill policy

With the hot topic of the Environment, Global Warming and Climate Change on everyone’s minds, it’s refreshing to find a professional Contract Packing company that are committed to minimising waste, are actively promoting recycling and employing a zero-landfill policy.  They can achieve these high environmental standards by evaluating each individual operation to make sure any goods are filled as efficiently as possible.  These particular bespoke contactors have partnered with a local waste management firm to ensure they stick to their strict environmentally friendly approach. With a competitive pricing structure in place, they can tailor their services to your individual needs. Working with you to ensure precise attention to detail, your product will be carefully filled, packaged and transported quickly and efficiently,

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These elite professionals have over thirty years’ experience in the specialist field of Contract Filling and packing.  They have worked with many big brands like Tesco’s, Boots, Holland and Barrett, Harrods and Asda as well as hundreds of small independent companies.  From a one-off bespoke order to fulfilling a steady supply of products, these professionals have handled any assignment with confidence, assuredness, precision and care.

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Committed to minimising any negative environmental impact on our precious planet, they have been awarded leading certifications for health and safety, quality and the environment, ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001.  They can deliver all these services while still making sure your Brand is filled, packaged and delivered with care and attention to detail.

Author: Niru Taylor

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