Tips for School Prospectus Design

As well as a website, a school needs a great prospectus and some say that both are equally as important. Here are some handy tips to creating a remarkable prospectus:

  • Understand the purpose

Marketing a school means the requirement for a sales brochure as this is what the prospectus needs to be. You won’t produce an outstanding brochure if you don’t understand this basic principle of selling the best parts of your school. A well planned prospectus is your opportunity to show parents and pupils what places your school above the competition.

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  • Who is your audience?

In order to convey the right message, you need to understand who to target. Consider current parents, demographics and the competition to establish who your ideal audience is so you can then plan the perfect content.

  • Images

As well as what you say, what you show is just as vital. Humans are drawn to pictures and images more than text, so choosing the best photographs to bring your school to life is crucial.

  • Colour & Fonts

To create the wow factor, the colours you choose and the font type are also important. If you have brand guidelines, this will make this decision easier. Factor in who your target audience is when making these choices. For advice on School Prospectus Design, contact a site like

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  • Finish

Choosing the right materials and finish of the final printed copies can mean the difference between a cheap-looking prospectus or a luxury brochure that seriously impresses. Consider the benefits of high quality lamination and heavyweight covers.

Author: Richard Brown

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