7 summer suits to be fresh and trendy

summer suits

One of the main elements of the summer are the suits. They are very light, super comfortable and can be used on any occasion. We have made a selection of 7 summer suits that are right for everyone!

The heat has already arrived, and with it, our desire to show off new clothes, to show the legs and to wear fantastic clothes and versatile and light clothes like jumpsuits. Together with sandals and a fantastic bag, you will have the perfect look!

So if you have already changed the wardrobe and are tired of your usual mono color clothes and would like to do some shopping but without spending a fortune, we have the perfect solution!

We have made a selection of 7 summer suits, light, fresh and very beautiful to wear on any occasion. Long, short, low-cut, colorful … the jumpsuits are good for everyone and adapt to any outfit, as long as they are in summer and natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and viscose. The perfect solution to be chic in hot weather!

1. Basic suit with kimono sleeves

A comfortable and rather simple solution that adapts to any type of figure. In soft chiffon, it is perfect for summer, both for going around in espadrilles or Superga, and for the evening with a beautiful golden and sexy sandal. And then it costs very little!

2. Minimal jumpsuit with neckline on the back

But how sexy is the neckline on the back? Especially on a slightly oversized suit with a rather oversize fit. It balances the femininity of the figure with a discreet front neckline and a dizzying one on the back. In addition it is very comfortable!

3. Shirtdress

Flowers, flowers at will! After all, it’s summer! Here is a fresh and comfortable model, perfect for going to work. In 100%, viscose that will make your skin to breathe all day, even if you’re always around despite the thermometer marks 40 degrees!

4. Short jumpsuit with neck lacing

In full pin-up style between American lacing and vichy checks, this short jumpsuit is truly splendid! Perfect for walking by the sea and in the city, in 100% cotton, you will feel comfortable and light all day! The Asos Design line has them all: curvy, tall, petite and mama!

5. Short denim jumpsuit

Jeans also in summer! For charity! Get your pants off in this heat, focus on mini dresses or denim skirts. Or on this super sexy jumpsuit in light, non-stretch denim. Try it with a low sandal with laces on the ankles.

6. Desigual suit

Desigual is one of those brands that steal our hearts from every collection. Full of bright designs and colors, its bags and clothes are truly irresistible. When there are sales, then, with about 50 dollars you can win a suit like this, super light and original and summer is already here!

7. Spotted low-cut jumpsuit

The leopard print was the star of the winter and spring of 2019. If you too feel wild and like to dare with spotted prints, here is the perfect summer version of your beloved fantasy.

In total red with pop details with ruffles on the sleeves and a dizzying neckline, this jumpsuit will be the ideal outfit for summer parties!

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Author: Sam Owens

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