How to choose the wedding dress

wedding dress

The wedding dress is the most important step of the entire wedding organization: what are the things to consider when choosing.

Who as a child has never looked at herself in the mirror with a sheet on her head and a mother’s dress that ended up under her feet as a train? Who among women has never thought at least once in their life: “What will my wedding dress be like?”. Who is not fascinated by meeting a bride, dazzled by that candor and by that dress that so much resembles that of the princesses of the child’s games?

Yes … the wedding dress is a fundamental part of the wedding, it is what makes the woman feel the protagonist of that fabulous event, queen for a day.

The choice of the wedding dress is therefore one of the first thoughts of a woman from the moment she makes the decision to get married. And if, as you grow, your dreams get smaller, and you go from a child’s desire for a veil ten meters long to one that barely reaches two, from the ideal of traveling on a carriage pulled by white horses to an arrival at the ceremony site maybe in Smart … there is always the doubt of how the most important dress of life will be made.

Wedding dresses: Tips for choosing

Romantic or austere? White or colored? Long or short? Vaporoso or sober? With veil or without? Classic or eccentric? In organza, tulle, georgette, mikado, satin, shantung, taffeta or velvet?

There are many wedding dresses and as a first tip, we suggest you … see many! To consult them all and discover the various models, there is the internet: seeing wedding dresses online has the advantage of not getting too tired around the atelier and gives you the opportunity to quickly show the photos even to mothers and friends for a consultation. It is also faster and cheaper.

Once you have peeked well on the internet and you have an idea, you can either buy the dress directly online, or you can go to the atelier for the various tests. If you try on many wedding dresses, you will have fun, also consider that such clothes have never been worn before, as you could therefore imagine under veils and organza veils? How do you know how a white fluffy dress is wearing on you? We advise you not to start with a predefined idea, but to identify the style of your wedding dress only after a few tests: maybe, convinced that you are comfortable only with simple and smooth clothes, you will amaze yourself by discovering yourself beautiful with a romantic tulle dress!

Remember it’s your day, so the password is dare, crown your dream as a child even if today you are adults and with your head on your shoulders, without ever forgetting style and good taste. Your choice in the end will have to fall only on that dress that will make you feel wonderful, make you radiate light, highlight what is most beautiful in you, and enhance your figure!

General rules for choosing the wedding dress

As for the model, it is very difficult to dispense advice as, as we said before, there are many wedding dresses and the choice must fall on what you will most of all feel yours.

To help you, however, there are some general rules to follow, which may depend for example on the place where the rite is held, on the season, on the age of the bride.

  • The wedding dress will be long and white, or in one of its nuances, if the ceremony takes place with a Catholic wedding ceremony in church.
  • The shades of white, ranging from warm ones like ivory and cream to cold ones that tend to ice, should also be chosen based on the complexion.
  • Colors very different from white and its shades are suitable for brides at the second wedding.
  • Take great care of the back part, since during the ceremony it is the part most exposed to the sight of all guests.
  • For brides a little ahead of the years romantic, tulle dresses with large fluffy skirts are not indicated, but rather, without giving up the long, smooth and slipped or sober dresses as in Empire style.
  • For civil wedding, elegance recommends a short dress or a suit, but today long or evening wedding dresses are also suitable;
  • The winter bride can choose a light dress but will have to protect herself with a cape or cape in cashmere or other fine wool.
  • Shoes, gloves and accessories must be suitable for the wedding dress.
  • Same rule applies to the bride’s makeup and hairstyle.

In general, let yourself also be advised by the experience of the atelier of wedding dresses or design the dress yourself and have it made … it will be a huge satisfaction!

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