The meaning behind the stitches on an Aran jumper

Did you know that the stitches on an Aran jumper actually symbolise different things? Yes, the stitches tell a story. Here are some of the different meanings behind the intricate detailing of Aran sweaters:

Moss Stitch – If you have a jumper with a Moss stitch, this represents the Carrageen Moss that is found on the Aran Islands, the original place where Aran sweaters were first made. It is a lovely reminder of the heritage and birthplace of the iconic knitwear.

Trellis Stitch – This stitch is used to represent the many stone walls that were erected to separate the livestock on the fields of Aran. For a range of Aran Sweaters, Go to Shamrock Gift

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Tree of Life Stitch – To have a sweater with a Tree of Life stitch means a celebration of ancestry, family trees and the generations of people involved in the tradition of making beautiful Aran knitwear.

Blackberry Stitch – This is a representation of a bountiful and fruitful life and a nod to the prevalence of blackberry bushes that are found on the Aran Islands.

Honeycomb Stitch – This is a popular design and a symbol of good luck and is dedicated to the hard work of the honeybee.

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Basket Stitch – This is a reminder of the origins of the jumper and represents the baskets that the fishermen once used.

Cable Stitch – Another fishing related design that is said to represent the rope used by the fishermen of the Aran Islands. A symbol of good luck and the hope for a bountiful catch.

Zig Zag Stitch – This design is reminiscent of the stunning cliffs surrounding the Aran Islands.

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