What to think about when choosing a domain name

It’s important for your success to select the correct domain name for your website. If you choose the wrong domain name, converting later without damaging your brand and search rankings can be a hassle. You can find guidance and help at https://www.names.co.uk/domain-names.

With domain length, don’t go overboard. It’s easier to have a short and unforgettable domain name. We suggest that your domain name be kept below 15 characters. It is harder for the users to recall longer domains.

Not to mention, users are often more susceptible to typos with longer domain names that can lead to traffic loss.

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When speaking as well as writing, you should be able to quickly share your domain name. You never know when you will be asked to personally share your domain name.

If you intend to build a professional business email address using your domain name, then it should certainly be easy for any listener to understand and spell.

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Your domain name for the blog must be exclusive, so you can stand out in the eyes of your followers. Researching other blogs in your niche and figuring out what domain names they’re using is a wise move. Choosing a domain name that applies to your sector / niche is wise because it gives visitors an indication of what your website is about. But you don’t want to restrict your long-term choices too much either.

Author: Richard Brown

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