Making a shirt  a Polo.

The polo shirt made it through a world war, a variety of democratic revolutions, and a lot more, but it’s still a staple of trendy fashion. Originally considered more of a preppy dress style, it has kept its own and is now embraced, whether casual, smart casual or more formal, for just about every occasion. There are plenty to choose from at Tommy Bowe Menswear

Casual Dress

The polo shirt is extremely versatile and can take you just about anywhere as casual wear. Wear it with chinos, shorts or joggers, and remember to keep it untucked at all times. Also you can never hang your shirt past your hips, as it just looks messy, not comfortable. And you can only pop a denim jacket over it if you want to cover up a little, and you’ll be good to go. Just bear in mind: no matter what you do, don’t pop your collar!

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The polo shirt is the perfect choice for smart-casual wear, with ties no longer being a prerequisite for smarter dress. It’s smarter and just a few notches away from being a collared shirt than a t-shirt.

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You can pair it with chinos or straight leg pants or a pair of well-fitted jeans to really nail the smart, casual look. If you’re going for a smart-casual look, avoid bright colours and make sure your shirt suits you properly. Stick to more intelligent shoes or brogues when it comes to boots.

Smart Smart

Stick to dark or neutral colours again, avoid patterns and guarantee that the match is fine. It must look crisp and well tailored to pull off a polo shirt as formalwear – not slouchy and comfortable. If it’s a little on the cold side, you’ll need to pair it with tailored trousers or really smart dark jeans and a sports jacket or blazer.

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