How to make your windows more contemporary

If you want to give your windows a more modern look, there are several ways you can achieve it. Windows play a role in your home by allowing natural light to enter and offering views of the world. They can also contribute to the aesthetics of your house whilst enhancing its curb appeal. If your windows appear outdated it might be time for an upgrade with contemporary window styles that offer both practicality and appeal.

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Contemporary window frames and exteriors are designed to reflect light rather than absorb it. They often come in colours that create a contrast with the surrounding landscape. Many homeowners are now opting for such windows as they bring a stylish touch to their home’s design.

Apart from being visually appealing, coloured windows also enhance energy efficiency in your home. They help retain heat during winter while reflecting sunlight away during summer, ensuring comfort indoors. Additionally you can apply a coating on these windows to protect against harmful UV rays and reduce solar gain.

When selecting a window style, consider angular hardware and geometric shapes as they are characteristic features of modern design. These details give your windows a sophisticated appearance, without adding visual clutter to your space. It’s best to avoid window treatments with scrolls or patterns that can take away from the sleek silhouette of your new windows.

To enhance your windows start by removing any knick knacks or other items that are overcrowding them. This will instantly open up your room and improve the view through the windows. Consider updating blinds and curtains too. Shutters Cheltenham make a great contemporary option. Find out more at Laskey’s, suppliers of Shutters Cheltenham.

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When it comes to upgrading your windows, it’s crucial to choose the brand that suits your needs. Fortunately many manufacturers offer contemporary window styles making it easier to find the fit for your house. However some brands have earned reputations for their quality and durability compared to others.

You have the option to choose from different finishes to find the perfect style for your home. For example, you can opt for a finish for the window frame and interior trim or you can choose a more neutral colour that blends well with the existing aesthetic. Moreover you can even add a modern touch by installing a window with a drywall return, which removes all casing, trim and moulding around the frame to create a more contemporary look.

Author: Niru Taylor

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