Underfloor Heating and Air Source Heat Pumps

Underfloor heating is certainly not a new idea – the Romans famously used underfloor heating in their buildings. However, modern underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional wall mounted radiators and there are certainly many benefits to using it, especially in certain rooms of the home.

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Another reason for the surge in use of underfloor heating is because it works really well with an air source heat pump. This is a renewable energy form that works by extracting heat from the air and then converting it into heat for your home, so you no longer need a gas boiler (or the expense of running one, particularly in the winter months).

An air source heat pump should be something that you think about before you install the underfloor heating, as you need to have the right space outside of your home in order to make sure that it can run properly. Contact a professional like this air source heat pumps Worcester based company https://gsmlimited.com/services/air-source-heat-pumps/worcester if you want to find out if your home is suitable and what options you have.

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You should also give thought to the underfloor heating in your home. There are certain types of flooring that work better with this kind of heating, so do plenty of research on this and also how underfloor heating works too, as it isn’t the same as a regular gas boiler. However, if your home is suitable, it not only could save you money, but also could help to save the planet!

Author: Niru Taylor

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