The Evolution of the Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are a huge part of modern day life, and there are now many people who cannot remember a time without them. So much is geared up around having a mobile phone nowadays and stores like Vodafone Drogheda are in most towns and cities to provide the public with the latest model or new tariff.

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Even for those people who grew up without a mobile phone, they struggle to think about getting by now without one. A mobile phone has become so much to people – offering safety to those who go out for a lone walk, to convenience for those who want to book a food delivery on the go, the amount of things that a mobile phone can do nowadays is staggering and it is easy to see how we have become so reliant on them in our daily lives.

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Most people see mobile phones as a very modern invention, but did you know that the first ever mobile phone patent was registered in 1908 in America? So the idea goes back over a century! Smartphones too are something that we see as very modern, as the earlier mobile phones of the late 90s certainly couldn’t compare to the high-tech models of today. But the idea of the smartphone was first invented in 1992 – at a time when most people didn’t even have a mobile phone at all, let alone had considered the ability to use one to connect to the internet!

Author: Richard Brown

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