Is Mail Delivered on Sunday?

Is Mail Delivered on Sunday?

It’s a common question if the United States Postal Service operates on Sundays. The question has become more important as online shopping continues to rise and people have started to expect faster delivery times. So, it’s essential to understand the USPS operations on Sundays. A detailed guide can help you know which types of mail are delivered on Sundays. This guide will provide you with comprehensive information on whether is mail delivered on Sundays and packages that are delivered on Sundays by USPS.

First-Class Mail and Standard Mail

The Postal Service typically does not deliver First-Class Mail or Standard Mail on Sundays. These mail classes contain personal correspondence, bills, statements, advertising mailers, and other common items. Exceptions may occur in certain areas with extremely high package volumes around peak season. But most regions see no First-Class or Standard Mail delivery on Sundays.

First-Class Mail and Standard Mail

Priority Mail

Priority Mail receives handling as First-Class Mail with the added benefit of expedited processing and delivery typically in 1-3 business days. This mail class does get delivered on Sundays in most regions. So customers can expect to receive Priority Shipments on the weekend. Guaranteed delivery times apply to business days only, however.

Priority Mail Express

As the premium USPS shipping service, Priority Mail Express sees delivery 365 days a year. This includes weekends and federal holidays. Priority Express also comes with a money-back guarantee if the Postal Service fails to deliver by the committed date and time. So recipients can surely anticipate Priority Express packages on Sundays before 10:30 am in most cases.

Amazon Packages

E-commerce giant Amazon utilizes USPS for its “last-mile” package deliveries in many instances. As consumer online ordering ramps up dramatically, especially around holidays, the Postal Service attempts to meet demand by expanding Sunday delivery for Amazon parcels across most regions. Customers can track shipments to confirm expected delivery dates and times.

Other Mail Classes

The Postal Service restricts Sunday delivery mainly to Priority Mail, Priority Express, and Amazon/customer packages. Other mail classes do not qualify for weekend delivery:

  • Retail Ground – delivery in 2-8 business days
  • Media Mail – contains books/media at the lowest rate
  • Library Mail – delivers materials to libraries
  • First-Class Packages – non-express packages

Post Office Hours

While mail carriers work Sundays delivering eligible packages, local Post Office retail operations remain closed for customer service that day. The only exception is a very limited number of offices open for Amazon package pick-up. So while you may get mail or packages on Sundays, Post Office hours exclude Sundays except for Amazon deliveries. Expect service windows similar to other federal holidays.

Seasonal Volume

As the holiday peak season ramps up from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, mail and package volumes skyrocket to annual highs. To help smooth distribution networks, USPS typically expands Sunday delivery capabilities for Priority Mail, Priority Express, Amazon, FedEx, and UPS packages in many areas. So customers see more consistent weekend deliveries during the holidays.

USPS Sunday Delivery Operations

Understanding how the Postal Service approaches Sunday operations offers a helpful perspective into customer delivery expectations. Examining mail processing plants, carrier sortation, transportation networks, and retail hours clarifies USPS capabilities on Sundays.

Processing Facilities

Over 650 mail processing facilities operate across the United States. These plants connect the collection of mail and packages to sorting, transportation, and distribution to local Post Offices or delivery units. They network across the country into regional distribution areas.

A large portion of processing centers remain open on weekends, especially during peak. This allows accumulated mail volume entering the weekday system an extra day of processing to smooth transportation needs. So the Postal Service can stage parcels on Sundays to support carriers for Monday. However non-package products rarely see Sunday processing without Amazon Sunday delivery in that area.

Delivery Unit Sortation

Local delivery units sort mail and prep routes for carriers to deliver each day in their service area. This includes separating mail by address and sequencing for efficient delivery. Retail hours are limited at delivery units with no retail service on Sundays outside Amazon package pick-up.

Carriers typically access their routes on Sunday to sort any outgoing mail or packages accumulated on Saturday for priority dispatching. But little inward processing of non-delivery mail takes place unless Amazon Sunday delivery activates in that district. And home or business delivery only involves Priority and Amazon packages on Sundays, restricted during off-peak.

Transportation Networks

USPS transportation moves mail between postal facilities via networks of air and surface distribution. Airlines transport mail across the county non-stop through the Postal Service’s federated air fleet. Surface transportation involves trucks and rail.

These transportation channels continue limited operations on Sundays. Airlines transport mail overnight to locations serving Sunday delivery. Trucking routes operate as well to replenish Priority Mail to local delivery units. But transport mainly stages delivery-eligible products to support Sunday operations rather than moving mail between plant facilities.

Retail Hours

Local Post Office retail hours follow federal hours for Sunday, remaining closed to customer service. The only exception is Post Offices that activate Sunday parcel pick-up for Amazon volume. So while mail processing plants stage packages for Sunday delivery, and carriers deliver eligible products, retail service pauses with Sunday observed similar to other federal holidays.

Amazon Sundays Expanding

To provide consistent weekend delivery to growing e-commerce orders, Amazon continues expanding service areas eligible for USPS Sunday delivery. More regions gain Sunday operations during peak season as well to smooth annual order spikes.

So customers in most areas can anticipate Sunday delivery for Amazon and other qualifying packages year-round or seasonally. Monitoring annual peak season preparations can indicate if temporary Sunday delivery activates in more areas to support holiday order pickup and smooth customer service.

Where Does USPS Sunday Delivery Exist?

Given not all regions qualify for Sunday delivery, understanding what locations offer Sunday mail and packages provides helpful insight for tracking shipments. When relocating, one may also consider Sunday options among housing factors.


In 2013 USPS announced plans to standardize Sunday package delivery across the Continental U.S, with Priority Mail Express leading implementation. By utilizing existing transportation networks on Sundays, adding package sorting and delivery became cost-effective for growing volumes.

Priority Mail expanded next into Sunday delivery across most regions. And USPS continues working with Amazon to enable Sunday operations in new areas regularly. So Priority and Prime orders now qualify for weekend delivery in almost all locations. Holidays accelerate expansions to handle peak spikes.

Partial DMAs

Early adoption began in limited Designated Market Areas (DMAs) in 2013 focused mainly on Amazon volume. These locations served as pilots for assessing efficiency and customer response for Postal Service Sunday delivery considerations. Response drove gradual DMA additions in the following years.

Today these original markets encompass full Sunday delivery across all qualifying packages. But many neighboring Partial DMAs still only offer Amazon delivery on Sundays. So customers there require Amazon Prime to receive weekend orders – Priority Mail gets held for Monday. Address lookups determine eligibility.

Rural Limitations

While most population centers enjoy USPS Sunday delivery access through metro postal districts, remote rural regions still lack weekend service outside Priority Mail Express. Labor shortages also challenge Postal Service expansions into more isolated areas lacking city carrier infrastructure.

These challenging rural routes rely more on PO Boxes, cluster boxes, or individual mounted boxes vs door delivery. And rural carriers often drive POVs covering wider distances daily. So introducing Sunday delivery split routes proves problematic. However, updated DMA listings indicate eligible areas and access changes.

Seasonal Variations

To support holiday peaks stretching distribution capacity, USPS enhances temporary Sunday delivery annually from Thanksgiving through early January in many areas. Airport Mail Centers often prioritize activating this additional weekend processing and delivery specifically for peak surges.

Seasonality impacts Saturday access as well with USPS planning Black Friday as an internal holiday creating 3-day weekends for employees managing high November/December volumes and hours. So peak plants add Sundays while closing Saturdays to smooth flow. Customers enjoy added weekend delivery help through their holidays as well from the adjustments.

Where Does USPS Sunday Delivery Exist?

Why Did USPS Add Sunday Delivery?

What drove USPS to break tradition and add weekend delivery against long-standing conventional rest days? Examining the Postal Service’s key motivations behind this significant operational change offers some perspective.

Meeting Customer Demands

As e-commerce experienced exponential growth since the birth of Amazon and online shopping, consumer buying behaviors evolved expecting faster fulfillment and delivery speed. USPS lagged behind its peers in adjusting to new generational expectations even as package revenue expanded as a percentage of declining mail volume.

Amazon led this accelerating shift, actually utilizing USPS for the final delivery of many Prime shipments. So Amazon applied pressure through pricing negotiations and service expansion requirements for the Postal Service to extend delivery days to properly compete. As customers demanded weekend access, USPS followed suit to retain key delivery share growing its future.

Cost Savings

While adding another day of carrier delivery and mail processing introduced upfront cost challenges, USPS found net savings by better utilizing existing transportation and logistics networks. Piggybacking enhanced package delivery on top of Priority Mail Express and daily plant operations cost and justified the initial staffing investments.

Without the dramatic rise of e-commerce packages, USPS Saturday and Sunday expansion would still seem cost-prohibitive. But higher profit packages drove network economies of scale offsetting much of the new weekend expenses for an overall net cost benefit to the struggling Postal Service. Even the longest USPS routes reach breakeven or better efficiency through optimized staff planning.

Competitive Parity

Major private carriers long offered customers Saturday and even Sunday deliveries, capturing valuable weekend package share from USPS. While UPS and FedEx dominate business shipments, consumer preference leaned toward Friday through Sunday schedules. USPS fell behind not servicing growing residential Prime deliveries on weekends.

Expanding Priority Mail and Amazon integrations to Sundays allowed USPS to recapture acceptable cost-justified shares through competitive features and speed parity. While 7 days still stretches capabilities and budget versus lean 5 days forever, customer experience perception and loyalty gained back lost ground against UPS and FedEx in the modern delivery economy.

How Does Sunday USPS Delivery Work?

Examining key Sunday delivery workflows offers a helpful perspective on current Postal Service expanded operations for customers assessing weekend package expectations:

Origin Entry Scans

USPS scans mailed packages at collection points of entry into its system creating origin acceptance records. This timing sets in motion delivery commitments and tracking. Sunday Priority Mail Express submissions receive overnight processing to support guaranteed before 10:30 AM next-day delivery.

Sunday Sortation

As origin entry packages get scanned into acceptance mail facilities or delivery units, USPS sorts Priority and Amazon volume for weekend delivery. This separates Sunday-eligible items from other mail held a day. Postal workers dispatch sorted products to transports or directly provide carriers ensuring supporting distribution first.

Assigned Routes

Local delivery supervisors assign Sunday canvas routes across the city and rural carriers maximizing efficiency to all qualified delivery points. Carriers only receive assigned addresses showing Sunday eligibility avoiding wasted trips. Grouped Priority Mail Express leads routes for early guaranteed delivery.

Sunday Collection

Carriers start and end days at the delivery unit collecting outgoing mail or packages on routes to return for Monday dispatch. So customers depositing Sunday letters miss next-day distribution without Post Office scans. But pickup allows some mailers and drop shippers to stage Sunday orders for faster processing.

Sunday Delivery

Throughout assigned coverage areas carriers deliver qualifying USPS Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and Amazon packages along designated routes as the main Sunday workload. Scanning shipments provides recipients with delivery confirmation and tracking updates. Undelivered items get returned for second attempts the next delivery day.

Amazon Pickup

A limited number of Post Office locations support Sunday retail hours solely for Amazon package pickup from PO Boxes or individual addresses. This retirement gives customers an additional day to retrieve missed home deliveries rather than waiting until Monday without impacting most USPS administrative staffing. Locations post Sunday hours specifically for this Amazon purpose only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does regular mail like bills and letters get delivered on Sundays?

No, only Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and Amazon packages qualify for Sunday delivery. First-class letters or bills do not get delivered on Sundays.

Do FedEx and UPS deliver on Sundays?

Yes. As private carriers FedEx and UPS have offered Sunday deliveries for years, especially around peak seasons. USPS recently added Sunday to better compete for weekend e-commerce delivery share.

Can I pick up a package from the Post Office on a Sunday?

Limited locations support Sunday hours solely for Amazon pickup from PO Boxes or delivery addresses. But most Post Office retail remains closed on Sundays, even if carriers deliver packages that day in your area.

Does mail get processed on Sundays?

Some processing centers do run on Sundays supporting delivery, but primarily to stage packages for Monday distribution. Minimal mail processing occurs for letters on Sundays outside peak season.

Are Post Office hours open on Sundays?

No, outside approximately 500 locations supporting dedicated Sunday Amazon pickup, retail Post Office operations stay closed on Sundays following federal Sunday holiday hours. Carriers still deliver eligible mail and packages on assigned routes, however.

In Summary

Growing package demand forced USPS’s adoption of limited Sunday delivery despite long-standing conventional closures to reduce expenses from underutilized transportation and staffing. This expanded weekend options specifically for Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and Amazon Prime packages to realign with customer expectations.

However, the majority of administrative Postal Service operations still avoid Sundays similar to federal holidays. So outside seeing your carrier deliver, retail Post Office access limits to Amazon-only package pickup in select areas. Traditional mail like letters and flats do not run on Sundays outside peak surges.

Amidst the evolving landscape of e-commerce and the accelerated pace of online ordering, implementing effective tips for organizing your email becomes paramount, much like how Sunday delivery revitalized USPS competitiveness by recapturing critical ground, strategically functioning to protect essential non-delivery days for the aging agency, while customers persistently benefit from expanding options for shipping and receiving packages faster, seamlessly extending into their weekends.

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